Renate van der Zee

International Women's Day

Maison des Femmes in Paris, helps victims of abuse, FGM

Female victims of violence can get medical and psychological help - from reconstructive surgery, to therapy, to support.

Human Rights

Roma mothers in Czech Republic fight for better schools

Roma women launch campaign to end segregation in Czech schools and fight for equal opportunities for their children.

Human Rights

Roma women share stories of forced sterilisation

'To be able to have children is so important for a woman. When they took that away from me, I felt worthless.'


The German village helping Yazidi women raped by ISIL

More than 1,000 Yazidi women and children who were enslaved by ISIL are in Germany as part of a project to treat trauma.

Syrian Refugees

Part of the neighbourhood: Syrian refugees in Amsterdam

How a small shelter in the Netherlands is helping Syrian refugees to integrate into the community.

Human Rights

The Romanian woman saving victims of sex trafficking

Psychologist Iana Matei rescues girls forced into prostitution and gives them shelter, counselling and an education.


The women helping refugees in Serbia

Women in Serbia share their stories about helping refugees as many recall being displaced themselves.

War & Conflict

Syrian refugees: Single mothers fight to survive

As the Syrian war enters its sixth year, many female refugees in Jordan are growing increasingly desperate.

Humanitarian crises

An Afghan refugee in Europe: 'All I can do is pray'

Naima asks what will become of her and her two daughters after border closures have left them stranded in Serbia.


Life as a female refugee: 'You don't know who to trust'

In a European transit camp, women and girls explain why they feel safer sleeping out in the cold.

Human Rights

Memories of FGM: 'I was screaming in pain and fear'

Assita Kanko, a politician in Brussels, recalls when she underwent female genital mutilation as a child in Burkina Faso.

Human Rights

Report on child refugees highlights 'unacceptable' risk

Risks for child refugees in Europe include trafficking, exploitation, illness, death, according to ombudspersons report.