Raphael Balenieri

Business & Economy

China's powerhouse industrial belt falls by the wayside

Once-thriving northeast factories waylaid by '90s economic reforms as millions of former 'employees-for-life' laid off.

Business & Economy

Rolling the dice and losing on China's stock market

Small individual investors making up 80 percent of the market have taken a beating during the massive stock slide.

Business & Economy

China clamours to set global gold prices

The world's biggest producer and consumer of the metal sees a golden opportunity to expand its pricing power.

Arts & Culture

Change is brewing as Chinese switch to coffee

Demand for coffee soars in China where imports of the brown bean have nearly tripled in recent years.

Science & Technology

A boom year for China's tech companies

Despite slowing economic growth across the country, Chinese internet companies experienced record revenue.


Soaring demand for China's low-cost airlines

Demand for discount travel reaches dizzying heights, as 415 million Chinese are expected to fly annually by 2016.


Grave outcry on China's Tomb Sweeping Day

Ancient tradition of honouring dead relatives is marred after millions of tombs were razed or disrupted by officials.

US & Canada

Taboos push China's gay men to wed women

Activists fight for LGBT rights as pressure to produce offspring pushes country's gay males to marry unsuspecting women.


Serve the (rich) people: China's butler boom

Demand for European-style help is on the rise, yet language barriers may see more locals training in the art.