Ranjit Bhaskar


South Sudan: Birth of a new country

South Sudan's secession began smoothly with little violence but tensions have been heating up.


Sudan poll clears another hurdle

High turnout reported as voting ends, but contentious issues remain once the ballots have been counted.


First day of south Sudan vote ends

Impatient southerners flock to polling stations at the start of week-long referendum on region's secession.


Masses turn out to vote in S Sudan

People in Southern Sudan vote in a historic referendum that will decide whether the country splits or remains united.


In Pictures: Historic vote

Excitement high in Southern Sudan as referendum on secession gets under way.


S Sudan set for historic referendum

President Salva Kiir urges all Sudanese to embrace polls as citizens prepare to cast a historic vote on independence.


Quick guide to Sudan's referendum

A quick look at the January 9 referendum that will give south Sudan a choice between unity or secession.


Sudan president in appeal for unity

Omar al-Bashir visits south in final pitch for single nation, but agrees to uphold the outcome of secession referendum.


Nearly 4m set for south Sudan vote

Referendum commission has registered 3.9 million voters from 10 states in the south, plus the north and from abroad.


Carter to lead Sudan poll observers

The former US president will be a prominent observer during the week-long referendum process set to begin on January 9.


In pictures: Cattle for wealth

South Sudan's Dinka tribe keeps cattle for its beauty and the prestige large herds bestow on their owners.


The peace dividend in south Sudan

The story of a childhood spent in refugee camps, and of struggling for an education in war-torn country.