Rafia Zakaria

Rafia Zakaria is an attorney and author of The Upstairs Wife: An Intimate History of Pakistan; and Veil.

She is a columnist for Dawn in Pakistan and writes regularly for Guardian Books, The Nation, The New Republic, The Baffler, Boston Review and various other places.

Arts & Culture

Provenance and plunder: What museums won't tell us

On how Western museums encourage and abet the smuggling of antiquities.


Can USAID defeat ISIL?

Bombing one corner of a country, while doling out aid in other parts will bring neither development nor peace.

Women's Rights

Sexy veils, running shoes and missing feminisms

This Women's Day, Muslim women must rally against marketing strategies that present buying things as empowerment.

War & Conflict

Military courts and terrorists heroes

Establishing military courts to try terror suspects is likely to exonerate them in the eyes of the P

US & Canada

The death of multiculturalism in Quebec

Under the cover of promoting secularism, a proposed charter aims to exclude some religious practices and symbols.

US & Canada

Anti-Sharia and anti-feminist: The case of North Carolina

North Carolina's anti-Sharia law also strictly regulates abortion clinics.

Poverty & Development

The online threat to the American professor

Massive Open Online Courses are highlighting the growing chasm between the US' rich and poor universities.


President Obama: The drones don't work, they just make it worse

As the Obama Administration looks to reform its drone program, it should focus on assessing its actual success rate.


Circumcision wars, child custody, culture and the girl child

The issue of circumcision is divisive and is still being battled out in the US and Canada.

US & Canada

Sex, lies and abuse: The cost of Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias' laughable excuse of "self-defence" will only make juries more sceptical of it in future cases.

US & Canada

Obama's immigrants: The best, the brightest and the borders

Becoming a "deportation nation" seems to be a step necessary to justify amnesty for the unwanted immigrants left behind.

US & Canada

Sharia law ban and Muslim wives

Muslim women in Kansas are hit by the Sharia law ban, as they are unable to claim compensation from their estranged men.