Rabii Kalboussi

Rabii Kalboussi is an online producer with Al Jazeera English. Before joining Al Jazeera, he worked as a multimedia journalist for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting in Tunisia. Rabii is interested in social trends and minorities and visual storytelling. 

Arts & Culture

Tunisia hosts World Social Forum

Event offered space to put forward ideas for better society based on principles of equality, reciprocity and solidarity.


World youth: Treat us as citizens of today

Gathering in Tunisia's capital for the World Social Forum, activists call on leaders to move from rhetoric to action.

In Pictures

'All is gone, just like Kobane'

Kurdish families who fled fighting in Kobane want to return home.


The Berlusconi of Tunisia

Presidential candidate Slim Riahi's drive to expand his political influence through money and media has drawn criticism.


The gender fault line in Tunisia

Women's rights fail reality check despite advanced laws that promote equality and freedom.


Tunisia decides

Al Jazeera profiles what lies ahead for a country in transition, struggling to decide the democracy


Interactive: Corruption in the EU

The European Commission describes corruption across 28 member bloc as 'breathtaking' in the first report of its kind.

In Pictures

In pictures: Tunisians protest rape trial

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Tunis to protest the trial of a raped woman now accused of indecency.