Philippa H Stewart

Philippa Stewart is an online producer with Al Jazeera English. Previously, she was a reporter in the UK specialising in education. Stewart is interested in education in the developing world and conflict zones, as well as socio-political stories in Eastern Europe and Russia.

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No end in sight: Boko Haram's bloody legacy

Nigeria’s citizens continue to be killed and displaced by violence between Boko Haram and the military.

United Kingdom

Imams rally against domestic violence in the UK

Imams and social groups have begun providing services for Muslims in the UK to help put an end to domestic violence.

Human Rights

Ireland: Women speak out against abortion laws

Thousands of Irish women travel to England each year as restrictive laws put them at mental and physical risk.


Can the UK change attitudes towards organ donation?

As figures show grieving families have vetoed organ donations by deceased loved ones, the UK adopts a new approach.

War & Conflict

Ukrainians prepare for further economic hardships

Despite predictions of slight economic growth, Ukrainians feeling the financial burden of war.

War & Conflict

Alliances crumble along the Crimean border

Blockade of Crimea stands firm as tensions rise and accusations fly against Right Sector troops stationed on border.

War & Conflict

Life in the shadows of the Crimea blockade

Power cuts, rising prices and job losses are a daily reality for Ukrainians living near the Crimea border.

War & Conflict

Russia's coal war with Ukraine leaves civilians cold

Ukraine's coal stores dwindle as Russia halts supplies in retaliation for Crimea blackout.

War & Conflict

No closure for Ukraine's heavenly hundred

Two years since Euromaidan began, families of the victims still wait for answers.


Ukrainians emboldened despite broken political promises

Two years after the Euromaidan protests, an active civil society movement has taken root.


UK: Bake-offs, hijabs, and attacks against Muslim women

Headscarves have become more prominent in the UK, and Islamophobic assaults on women wearing them are on the rise.

Privacy & Surveillance

UK court to investigate rights group surveillance

Spying on rights defenders 'threatens lives' and could have 'devastating' impacts on NGO work, Human Rights Watch warns.