Peter Geoghegan

Peter Geoghegan is an Irish writer and broadcaster based in Glasgow. His most recent book is The People's Referendum: Why Scotland Will Never Be the Same Again.


May's demagogic streak and the hypocrisy of the media

British media is applauding May for rhetoric that would have been deemed autocratic coming from a foreign leader.

United Kingdom

Martin McGuinness: Terrorist or Peacemaker?

The ex-IRA commander, who eventually played a key role in the Northern Irish peace process, is still dividing opinion.


Scotland is trapped in a zombie union

In a UK wracked by Brexit uncertainty, the Scottish National Party must decide if the time is right for independence.


Brexit: The UK's rage against dying of colonial light

The EU referendum - a vote that affects the whole of the UK - has been a peculiarly English affair.


Bosnia still digging up its tortured past

On the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre, gruesome past still haunts Bosniak lives.


Austerity fight threatens Northern Ireland stability

Rival nationalist and unionist blocs are divided over hundreds of millions of dollars worth of budget cuts.


UK elections and the shift from 'tribal' politics

As election day nears, insurgent parties see new possibilities to break the two-party dominance in UK politics.


Scotland's Labour party dominance and UK vote tumult

Labour's traditional supremacy in Glasgow appears to be at an end ahead of the May 7 United Kingdom election.


The Old Firm rivalry returns to Glasgow

Celtic v Rangers, a rivalry marked by aggression, animosity and violence resumes after a gap of almost three years.


Catalans eye new independence 'referendum'

For Europe's separatists, September is fast becoming the month to vote for independence.


Britain's Green Party surge

Once a marginal political player, the UK Green Party has growing popularity amid dissatisfaction with the majors.


UK communists and the fall of the Berlin Wall

Once a hotbed of left-wing agitation, socialists in Cowdenbeath still mourn the beginning of the end of communism.