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Latin America

Mongolia to focus on renewable energy with Japanese backing

Mongolia's first commercial solar plant is now supplying the central electricity grid.


Mongolia's ancient instrument striking a chord

The Morin Khuur or 'Horse Fiddle' has evolved from a folk instrument used in small villages to being featured in classical Western performances.


Mongolians seek ways to fight pollution

Mongolia's capital is one of the coldest in the world, as well as being among the most polluted in winter. More than half the residents living in Ulaanbaatar's suburbs burn coal to keep warm.


Mongolia races to preserve two-humped camels

The two-humped Bactrian camel helped people settle and adapt to life in the Gobi desert of Mongolia, but their numbers have rapidly decreased in the past few decades.


Rare wild antelope facing extinction in Mongolia

A rare species of wild antelope in Mongolia is facing extinction because of a highly contagious disease. Almost 4,000 saiga have already died and scientists expect the total to reach 10,000 within the next two months.


Global warming imperils Tajikistan's landscape

Country ranks 129th in world greenhouse gas emissions but reportedly is one of the worst affected by climate change.


Tajikistan tourism: Women eye trekking-guide careers

Group treks in Pamir Mountains in country with eco-tourism potential but dependent on migrant workers' remittances.

Poverty & Development

Mongolia tent districts grow despite modernisation

A majority of the capital's residents live in tents, but the government aims to change that through new real estate.

Business & Economy

Yak fur spins profits for Mongolian herders

In addition to the milk and meat, wool fibre now promises to be a money spinner as the fashion industry warms to it.

Business & Economy

Mining threatens Mongolia's tourism

Expanding industry across the country's vast plains may put off visitors seeking unspoilt vistas and nomadic culture.