Paula Daibert

US & Canada

Brazil's evicted 'won't celebrate World Cup'

Many of those forced from their homes in preparation for the football tournament are asking: 'World Cup for whom?'

Latin America

Brazil's powder keg prison system

Violence at Pedrinhas Prison Complex highlights the nation's severely overcrowded penitentiaries.

Business & Economy

Auctioning Brazil's oil and gas

Multinational corporations set to enter bidding war for rights to Brazil's largest energy reserve.


Brazil activists question favela policing

Officials say security is improving, but campaigners say police are acting harshly ahead of the 2014 World Cup.


Brazil protesters keep up the pressure

Huge demonstrations ahead of the World Cup in 2014 continue to focus on corruption and governance issues.

Science & Technology

Brazil eyes internet bill amid spying leaks

Amid NSA spying reports, Congress reconsiders stalled bill that some say could prevent it.

Latin America

Police violence under review in Brazil

Criticism of police using excessive force intensifies as mass demonstrations continue.