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UK: Theresa May vows to support 'gig economy' workers

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged to tackle issues within the so-called "gig economy". But is her own job safe?

United Kingdom

Locals demand answers about London's Grenfell fire

Angry residents have branded the handling of London’s Grenfell fire a 'fiasco'. They demanded answers during the Kensington and Chelsea council meeting about the incident that is thought to have killed at least 80 people.


Verdict to be announced on 96 killed in 1989 stadium disaster

Familes of victims killed in one of football's worst stadium disasters will learn on Wednesday whether those responsible for the tragedy will be brought to justice.


UK tests hundreds of tower blocks after Grenfell disaster

At least 34 high-rise buildings in the UK have failed fire safety tests. And the government is still carrying out inspections on hundreds of other residential blocks.


UK: PM May under pressure to soften Brexit stance after election

British Prime Minister Theresa May is under pressure to soften her approach on Brexit following last Thursday's election, in which her rival Jeremy Corbyn won many more votes than expected.


How will the London Bridge attack affect the UK elections?

With just three days remaining until British voters go to the polls for Thursday's general election, the attack at London Bridge has had a profound effect on the political campaigning.


EU and China agree on joint climate change action

US President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement was greeted with shock across the globe. World leaders, scientists and activists all piled in to voice their concern.


Macron win leaves French politics in crisis

Now that France has chosen a new president, there is another political battle looming - a vote for a new parliament next month.


Algeria’s NLF wins majority in parliamentary elections

Algeria's ruling National Liberation Front (NLF) and its allies have won a majority of seats in Thursday's parliamentary election. The government tried hard to get people to vote. but most Algerians did not share its enthusiasm.


W20 Summit: Women strive for gender equality

The G20 group of nations has been warned that ongoing gender inequality is costing trillions of dollars in lost GDP.


French voters push mainstream parties to the sidelines

Final figures for the first round of the presidential election show Emmanuel Macron, an independent centrist candidate, with 23.75 percent of the vote - ahead of the far-right leader Marine Le Pen, who has a little over 21.5 percent.


France election: Voters cast ballots in first round

Turnout is high as voters in France are casting their ballots in the first round of the presidential elections. Four of the 11 candidates running for the country's top job stand a realistic chance of reaching the second round.