Patrick Strickland

Patrick Strickland is an online producer at Al Jazeera English. He has reported from across the Middle East and North Africa, as well as the United States. 

Human Rights

Germany's rejected asylum seekers fear deportation

Fear spreads among rejected Afghan asylum seekers as Germany vows to increase deportations in 2017.


What is the alt-right and what does it stand for?

Examining the alt-right's ideological and historical origins, its internal divisions and what to expect from it now.

United States

US anti-fascists: 'We can make racists afraid again'

While the media focuses on rise of far-right, anti-fascist organisations are growing in response across the US.


Anger over Andrew Puzder, Trump's labour secretary pick

Fast-food mogul Andrew Puzder's nomination has led to nationwide protests and accusations of discrimination.


Kshama Sawant: Anti-Trump protests a 'historic' chance

American leftists see huge gains as anger grows against Donald Trump's anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim policies.


More Americans joining socialist groups under Trump

Socialist groups see huge spike in membership as they join protests against US President Donald Trump.


Greek punk bands raise money for refugee squats

Around a dozen squats provide housing for refugees and migrants in the Exarchia neighbourhood of Athens.


Palestinians decry Israel's settlement bill

The bill, if passed by the Knesset on Tuesday, will allow the confiscation of private Palestinian land in the West Bank.


Khora community centre for Greece's refugees

With more than 62,000 refugees unable to move on, civil society and solidarity groups fill gap where the state fails.

Humanitarian crises

Concern over EU plans to send refugees back to Greece

Refugees and migrants living in overcrowded camps in Greece as Europe prepares to return newly arrived asylum seekers.

Human Rights

Shaker Aamer: Guantanamo is a stain on Obama's legacy

Shaker Aamer says he endured torture by US authorities during his 14 years jailed in Guantanamo Bay detention centre.

Human Rights

Stranded and sick, refugees endure harsh Serbian winter

Europe's border closures have left thousands of refugees in the Balkans.