Patrick Gathara


Obama's impact on Kenyatta's imprimatur

In Kenya, Barack Obama's visit is seen as an international acknowledgement of Uhuru Kenyatta's government.

War & Conflict

Is Kenya at war with al-Shabab?

In Kenya, talk of war masks a multitude of sins on the part of the government and security agents.

War & Conflict

Kenya massacre: No lessons learnt from Westgate

Kenya government response to Garissa massacre shows nothing has changed since Westgate Mall attack.


What African leaders failed to learn from Singapore

Across Africa, Singapore's founder has been lionised and some have sought to replicate his autocratic methods.


PR stunt hides a brutal truth about the ivory trade

Kenya's government relies on dramatic pictures of burning ivory to obscure any critical interrogation of its record.


Did Kenya get justice at the ICC?

A guilty verdict is not the only measure of justice; a properly investigated case is the least anyone could ask for.


Does Uhuru Kenyatta know Kenya is burning?

Kenya's president doesn't seem to consider the murder of Kenyans as a security crisis.


Kenya's fear of liberty

Kenyan society has a way to go before it can describe itself as not just free, but also free of the

War & Conflict

Mysteries linger over Westgate Mall attack

Kenyan government has failed to provide conclusive answers over what really happened in last year's


Israel and Kenya: Narratives of disposability

Why does the loss of some lives merit more grieving than the loss of others?


What Kenya's elites don't want us to see

Kenyan opposition leader's return has rallied both friend and foe and the scare-mongering has begun.

US & Canada

Kenya: The perils of racial profiling

By launching a campaign against ethnic Somalis, the Kenyan government perpetuates a dangerous policy of exclusion.