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War & Conflict

Anger and frustration over killing of Palestinian baby

Death of an 18-month-old toddler in firebomb attack in occupied West Bank condemned around world, and triggers clashes.

Humanitarian crises

In Pictures: Gaza civilians pay price of war

Dozens of Palestinians wounded by Israeli bombings in Gaza are now seeking treatment at East Jerusalem hospitals.

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In pictures: Palestinian prisoners freed

As part of peace talks, Israel released 26 Palestinian prisoners, most jailed for more than 20 years.

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Funerals at the Qalandia refugee camp

Clashes erupted after the funerals of three Palestinians who were shot dead by Israeli forces in a morning raid.

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First batch of Palestinian prisoners freed

As peace talks begin, Israel released 15 Palestinian prisoners to Gaza and another 11 to the West Bank.

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In Pictures: Bedouin protest displacement

Israeli police crack down on demonstrations against planned forced evictions.

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In Pictures: The battle for Taksim Square

Demonstrations escalate as protesters respond to police tear gas with petrol bombs and Molotov cocktails.

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In Pictures: The front lines of Taksim Square

Makeshift barricades and fireworks were not enough to stop police from arresting dozens, including medics and minors.

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Tear gas in Turkey

Protesters have used a variety of methods when responding to crowd control techniques.