Omid Khazani


Egypt-Iran: A possible thaw in relations?

The time is ripe for a rapprochement between Cairo and Tehran, say Iranian analysts.


'It is in Trump's interest to keep the Iran deal alive'

Trump's presidency offers both threats and opportunities to Iran, says former senior Iranian diplomat.

Muslim Ban

Iran: Trump's Muslim ban 'will rip our family apart'

Trump's immigration ban on Iranians is 'unfair' and 'ridiculous'.


Iran's reformists stand to lose from Rafsanjani's death

The absence of Rafsanjani's moderating and mediating role will be hugely felt in Iran's political scene.


Iranian soldier lauded after risking life to save dog

The story of Mohammad Bakhtar, who lost a leg while rescuing a stray dog trapped in a minefield, has gone viral in Iran.