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Local election tests change in Cambodia's politics

Voters in Cambodia vote in local polls seen as a test for leadership in advance of general election next year.

War & Conflict

Refugees in Greece in a never ending ordeal

'We are travelling the same road, a road where our hearts have died, a road that is taking us far from home.'


Fuel crisis grips Nepal as border crossings close

Nepal faces severe shortages in essential supplies including petrol, diesel, kerosene, aviation fuel and cooking gas.

Natural disasters

Flying over Nubri Valley in Nepal

Aerial views of Nepal reveal the scale of the devastation and ongoing reconstruction efforts.


Nepal two months after the deadly earthquake

As monsoon season sets in, residents in Nepal still struggling to rebuild after earthquake.


Nepal shutdown

The nationwide strike comes two days ahead of the Constituent Assembly's deadline to promulgate a draft constitution.

Human Rights

Tibetan refugees mark 55 years in exile

Tibetan refugees gather to mark five decades of exile in Nepal.


In Pictures: Kathmandu's $20m facelift

Nepal's government launches a $20m beautification project for the capital ahead of the South Asian summit.

Business & Economy

In Pictures: Vietnam's highland tourism soars

Members of the Hmong minority find new opportunities as Sapa region set to welcome 1.5 million tourists in 2014.

US & Canada

Thais reflect on recent military coup

On the streets of Chiang Mai, residents and expatriates give their opinions on the military's seizure of power.

In Pictures

In Pictures: Cambodia's Monsoon rain

Residents of an impoverished village near Siem Reap collect rain water to survive.

In Pictures

In Pictures: The Khmer warrior-artists

Traditional Cambodian martial arts are fighting back, with kickboxers raising their sport's profile internationally.