Omar Chatriwala


Bhutto's disappearing legacy

Despite coming to power through her efforts, the PPP appears to have lost her vision.


Interview: Future US role in Iraq

US diplomat says Washington will work with any democratically-elected premier.

Iraq Election 2010

Baghdad quiet on eve of elections

Hopes and fears hours before nearly 19 million Iraqis head to the polls.


Iraqi media faces serious hurdles

Seven years after regime change, Iraqi media struggles to define itself.


Iraq 'moving towards secularism'

Secularist politician Iyad Allawi and veteran diplomat Adnan Pachachi talk to Al Jazeera.

Middle East

Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha

Muslims around the globe celebrate Eid, as Hajj pilgrims near end of their journey.

Middle East

Pilgrims perform key Hajj rite

Millions of Muslims gather at Arafat, the scene of Prophet Muhammad's final sermon.


Audio slideshow: Marching in anger

Around 15,000 people take to the street in a "day of anger" over the war in Gaza.


Audio slideshow: Rallying for Gaza

Thousands rally in Qatar to condemn Israel's continued assault on Gaza Strip.


US third parties fight to be heard

Nader and Baldwin debate in the shadow of the Democrats and Republicans.