Omar Al Saleh

Omar Al Saleh is a roving correspondent with Al Jazeera based in Doha.


Iran and ISIL 'top priority' for Iraq-US relations

Iran's role as a regional player will be among the key issues as Abadi meets Trump and other US officials in Washington.

Muslim Ban

Iraq: Trump's Muslim ban 'a matter of life and death'

The Iraqi government has come under increasing pressure to retaliate against Trump's Muslim ban.

Battle for Mosul

Can a divided Iraq be reconciled?

A political battle is raging over what a post-ISIL Iraq could look like.

Battle for Mosul

Arab-Kurd tensions simmer in shadow of Mosul campaign

Tensions between KRG and Baghdad could fuel a proxy war between regional powers, analysts warn.

Battle for Mosul

Battle for Mosul 'real test' for regional powers

Fears are growing over a regional showdown over Mosul as the military operation against ISIL enters its third week.

Middle East

How will the battle for Mosul affect Iraq?

Analysis: What happens in Mosul could determine the future direction of the country.

War & Conflict

Fallujah: Iraq's bastion of Sunni Arab dissent

From rising up against British colonialism and US occupation to battling al-Qaeda and ISIL, Iraqi city has seen it all.


Battle for Fallujah: The risk of a sectarian backlash

Shia militias taking part in offensive on ISIL-held Iraqi city have been accused of sectarian acts.

War & Conflict

Suicide blast shakes Istanbul's tourist hub

People in Turkish capital are nervous yet defiant as yet another deadly blast hits the country.


On the front line of Afghanistan's battle with ISIL

Al Jazeera gains exclusive access to the Afghan forces' battlefront with ISIL in Nangahar province.


Afghanistan turns US military base into rehab centre

World's biggest opium producer has an estimated 2.4 million adult drug users but only 123 treatment centres.


Refugees meet the best and the worst of us in Idomeni

Kindness and cruelty on display as 2,500 to 3,000 desperate people cross the Greek-Macedonia border every day.