Olivia Alabaster


Military trial to begin for rubbish-crisis protesters

Lebanese activists who participated in anti-government demonstrations say the trial is an attempt to silence them.

Syria's Civil War

Six years on: The price of saying 'no' to Assad

Al Jazeera speaks to three Syrians whose lives have been forever changed since the 2011 uprising began.


Looking to the future on Syria Street

New project tells the stories of ordinary people affected by violence and poverty in the Lebanese city of Tripoli.

Human Rights

Critics urge repeal of Lebanon rape law

Parliament will consider proposal to strike down a law allowing rapists' sentences to be commuted if they marry victim.

Syria's Civil War

Syrian activists languish in government jails

Tens of thousands of political prisoners are being held without charge or on confessions obtained through torture.

Human Rights

Syrian refugees: Between war and crackdown in Lebanon

What will Michel Aoun's presidency mean for Syrian refugees facing an increasingly hostile climate in Lebanon?

Middle East

Aleppo: 'Most of the public schools are destroyed'

Intense shelling has postponed the start of the school year, raising fresh concerns over the state of Syrian education.

Middle East

Syrian refugees find solace in rooftop gardens

In Lebanon, Syrian refugees are growing their own food not only to save money, but also as a form of therapy.

Middle East

Life among barrel bombs for Aleppo's children

The psychological trauma of being trapped in a war zone will last long after the conflict ends, doctors say.

Syrian Refugees

UN app to feed Syrian refugee children in Ramadan 2016

An Arabic version of the ShareTheMeal app aims to feed 1,400 refugee children in Beirut for a full year.

Middle East

Syria civil war: Aid convoy for besieged Daraya blocked

Delivery of medical supplies, vaccines, baby milk and hygiene items was turned back at a government checkpoint.

Middle East

Refugee robot engineers bring hope to Syria

The Hope of Syria robotics team, composed entirely of refugee students, has advanced to an international competition.