Nour Odeh


A slight pause for national unity

Palestinian leaders insist Cairo-hosted unity government talks have not failed.


Hamas stamps its authority on Gaza

De facto government replaces judicial committee in bid to bring order to the strip.

Arts & Culture

Palestinian TV show creates buzz

Bee hopes to sting Israeli occupation forces on Hamas-run channel.

1967 - 40 Years of Occupation

Prisoner on his own land

A Gaza farmer tells Al Jazeera he continues to struggle despite Israeli withdrawal.

Business & Economy

Boys shot dead at Gaza beach

Two teenagers died and one survived the shooting by Israeli soldiers in Beit Lahiya.


Beit Hanoun fears Israeli raid

Gaza town awaits with trepidation more destructive raids as tensions rise.

Middle East

Pollution adding to Gaza's woes

With no sewage plant Gaza's waste is dumped in the sea or collected in open pools.


Gaza: The open prison

Palestinians in Gaza face increasing economic and social difficulties.