Noah Blaser

Noah Blaser is an independent journalist who has been based in Istanbul since 2011. He has written on Turkish politics and culture for Newsweek Europe, Al Jazeera, Foreign Policy, and the Atlantic.

War & Conflict

Sirin's story: A voice raised and silenced

Sirin Kilicalp was an ethnically Kurdish school teacher who died in the October 10 bombing in Ankara, Turkey.

War & Conflict

The bell tolls for Turkey and the PKK

As the armed conflict deepens in Turkey, political leaders are burning political bridges needed to end the violence.

War & Conflict

Cizre back on the front-lines of Turkey-PKK conflict

The Turkish town is seeing a repeat of the violence that affected residents before Turkey's ceasefire with the PKK.

War & Conflict

Black is the colour of revolution

Former accountant turned soldier recalls memories of a Syria before the civil war.


Opposition mounts over Turkey's new security bill

The bill vastly expands police powers to detain demonstrators and use deadly force during violent protests.

Humanitarian crises

Turkey's 'other' refugees languish in limbo

Turkey's UN-managed asylum regime is so overwhelmed that non-Syrian arrivals may wait up to a decade before resettlement


'I do not want to be called a Turkish Kurd'

Simmering anger among Turkish Kurds may prove difficult for either Ankara or Kurdish political leaders to control.

Middle East

Iraq refugees 'terrified to be sent back'

Thousands of displaced Iraqis have taken refuge in Turkey, but many fear Ankara will force them back across the border.


Locals divided over Turkey mining disaster

Death of 301 Turkish miners has highlighted deep political divisions, as families accuse government of wrongdoing.

Humanitarian crises

Grief and rage of Turkish miners' relatives

Hope for the missing 200 workers is increasingly giving way to feelings of confusion and anger.