Nisreen El-Shamayleh

"Nisreen El-Shamayleh is Al Jazeera's Jordan-based correspondent. She has been reporting in the Middle East region for six years. Before joining Al Jazeera in December 2008, Nisreenworked for Jordanian and Saudi Arabian satellite channels, reporting in both Arabic and English. Nisreen also covers stories outside Jordan and has been on numerous assignments in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Nisreen holds a bachelor's degree in Communication Arts and Sciences from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, and has worked as a freelance news producer in Washington, DC before moving back to her hometown Amman in 2005."


Syrian refugees struggle to get medical care in Jordan

Most Syrian refugees with chronic diseases are battling against the odds to get treatment after losing free medical care

Human Rights

UNRWA funds crisis worries Palestinian refugees

Schools across the region, considered one of agency's most successful projects, might have to delay new academic year.


Palestinians flock to Al-Aqsa after restrictions eased

Not all are convinced that Israel's move to allow travel to the mosque during Ramadan is simply a "goodwill gesture".

Middle East

Why Syria's Assad is worried about Jordan

Assad is uneasy and feels insecure about the most strategically important Syrian border: the one it shares with Jordan.


Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood goes live-to-air

Building on the group's growing regional clout and reforms in Jordan, the Brothers have expanded their media presence.

Middle East

Educating Syria's future 'rulers'

School in Turkey funded by charities faces challenges to foster "upcoming generations who will rule over Syria".

Middle East

Understanding Jordan’s parliamentary election

Encouraged by uprisings in neighbouring countries, Jordanians have taken to the streets to demand political reforms.

Middle East

In Jordan, the show must go on

Despite protests, including ones calling for his downfall, King Abdullah says to press forth with polls

Middle East

Hijab: Russia in denial over Syria

Former Syrian PM tells Russian FM that no negotiations can take place so long as Assad remains in power.

Middle East

Jordan jails ex-spy chief for corruption

Mohammed al-Dahabi, who was once one of the country's most feared officials, has been sentenced to 13 years in prison.


Jordan fears fallout from Syria

Jordan sees safety and security as its primary concerns in the event that the Syrian regime falls.

Middle East

Jordan's security burden of hosting Syrians

Growing fears of attempts by Assad’s loyalists to enter country and carry on conflict with the opposition.