Nigel Wilson

Occupied West Bank

PA crackdown narrows space for online criticism

Dozens of Palestinians have been arrested in recent years for social media posts criticising the government.

Occupied West Bank

Tensions mount as al-Aqsa remains closed

Palestinians have denounced the closure, which follows a deadly shooting attack, as a violation of religious freedoms.


Palestinian ex-prisoners protest halt in PA salaries

Former detainees, most of whom are Hamas affiliates, rally against move by Ramallah authorities to cut their salaries.

Occupied West Bank

Palestinians hope UN ruling will improve life in Hebron

West Bank residents welcome decision to recognise Hebron's Old City as World Heritage Site.


Gaza: 'Jerusalem feels as far away as Mecca'

Quota for exit permits for Friday prayer at al-Aqsa markedly less than 2016, signifying a “tightening" of the siege.

Middle East

Palestinian shot dead in Kafr Qasim clash

Israeli private security guard shoots Mohamed Taha during protest against police in Palestinian-majority Israeli town.

Middle East

Israel set to approve 2,500 settlement housing units

Israeli authorities will meet next week to approve new units in illegal settlements across the occupied West Bank.


Palestinian hunger strikers: 'They had no choice'

Family of Majd Ziadeh, one of 1,500 hunger-striking prisoners, say they support the fight for dignity and humanity.


Palestinian factions compete in Birzeit elections

Birzeit student council elections are dominated by party divisions that came to define Palestinian politics.

Occupied West Bank

Fatima Hjeiji: Seventh child killed by Israel in 2017

A gifted mathematics student, Hjeij’s family do not believe the Israeli police's version of what happened.

Middle East

Palestinian 'day of rage' in support of prisoners

Palestinians across occupied territories protest in solidarity with hunger-striking prisoners.

Human Rights

Israeli army 'among world's child rights violators'

Documented cases of killing and maiming of children prove that Israel is a child rights violator, rights groups say.