Nidhi Dutt


Anger in Kashmir after lynching over beef

Clashes erupt after Hindu mob kills driver of truck carrying poisoned cows police say were mistaken for slaughtered.


Sri Lanka's elections pit its past against its future

How willing are Sri Lankans to untangle the island’s wartime past from its peacetime future?


Maggi vs Delhi Belly: India's food safety conundrum

With people asking more questions on what they are eating, whose job is it to make sure it is safe to consume?

Humanitarian crises

Rohingya migrant recounts escape to India

Mohammad Kareem, from Myanmar's Rakhine state, wants to trace his family and bring everyone to a place of safety.


Modi: India's media magician

Nidhi Dutt looks at whether there is substance to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's polished media operation.

Human Rights

Blog: Indian women worry dress will trigger harassment

Some Indian women say they avoid wearing 'provocative' clothes to prevent attracting unwanted attention.


Status, wealth, power in India's justice system

Bollywood star Salman Khan's five-year jail term for a 2002 hit-and-run case reveals a society divided by class.


Winning Gold at Punjab's Kila Raipur

Village sports meet gives Indian athletes an opportunity to prove their mettle and chase their dreams.


I am that woman

What is it like for a woman who uses public transportation for her daily commute in the Indian capital Delhi?


Bhopal survivor recounts ordeal

One woman recalls the early hours of December 3, 1984 when the gas leak from a pesticide factory killed thousands.


The real beauty is India's electoral process

Hundreds of millions of people from some of the most remote and densely population areas on Earth took part in the vote.


Fighting stigma through matrimony

Organisation in India helps people with vitiligo - skin ailment - find true love by organising match-making sessions.