Nicole Johnston

Nicole Johnston is a Doha based reporter. She has been with the network almost five years with stints in London, Kenya, Jerusalem and Gaza. Prior to Al Jazeera, Nicole was a reporter with ABC Australia for 7 years.


Karachi's urban jungle

Road accidents increasing alarmingly as 1,000-strong traffic police force tries to tame Pakistani megacity's streets.

Human Rights

Pakistan sex-abuse victim recalls ordeal

One teenage male victim in Punjab's Kasur district alleges assault by police after publicly protesting against abuses.

Middle East

'We are left alone, afraid to be living in Arsal'

Amid power struggles between armed groups, thousands of residents and refugees of Lebanon's Arsal are feeling hopeless.


Wind energy to meet Pakistan's power crisis

Pakistan is developing new sources of power to help tackle a massive energy shortfall.


In South Thailand: No fish, no future

Climate change and destructive fishing methods harm the ecosystem and the lives of fishermen.

Middle East

A surreal experience in Gaza

The city streets, despite the lovely winter weather, are now a place where an Israeli air strike can hit at any time.