Nick Clark

Nick Clark is the environment editor for Al Jazeera English. He has also works as a network presenter and correspondent and is a Royal Television Society award winner. He was a 2014 Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT.

United Kingdom

Report: $540bn-a-year loss threat for global agriculture

A new report from the Royal Botanic Gardens (RBG), a prominent research and education institution based in the UK, says that many factors, including deforestation, climate change and urbanisation, could cost global agriculture $540bn per year.

Wild Animals

Rare success story of wildlife protection in Kenya

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy shows how conservation and community are bucking the poaching trend that kills thousands.

Wild Animals

Wildlife crime: Stealing animals to sell as pets

Poachers make tens of billions annually by abducting animals in Africa and Asia and selling them around the world.


'Parliament for the environment' kicks off in Nairobi

UN assembly in Kenya will tackle some of the world's most pressing environmental issues, including climate change.


Study reveals plant extinctions and new discoveries

New report marking first-ever assessment of global flora calls for radical action to protect world's plants.

Global Warming

Optimism as climate change conference extended

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius postpones release of final text until Saturday, but says COP21 deal is close.

Global Warming

COP21 appears headed for climate deal. But how strong?

Share of responsibilities between developed and developing countries one issue of contention in Paris.


Crunch time for Paris climate summit negotiations

Upcoming Geneva talks to refine text for global climate change agreement ahead of key summit in November.


Crunch time for climate change talks

As world leaders gear up for environmental talks, Al Jazeera looks at the damage already done.


All talk and little action on climate change

Citing dire consequences of global warming, new report aims to inspire politicians to act - but don't hold your breath.


Global doom and gloom? Here's some sunshine

Bad news abounds concerning the environment and climate change. So here's something completely different.


The Outback: in need of the human touch

We're often told humans are bad for the planet. But Australia has found that the Outback is suffering without us.