Neave Barker


"Neave Barker is Al Jazeera's correspondent based in Moscow. He has reported extensively across Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and beyond. During the Russia-Georgia conflict of August 2008, Neave provided up-to-the minute analysis of diplomatic developments from the Russian capital. He has interviewed a range of key figures on a number of defining issues, including Hans Blix, the former UN weapons inspector; Marti Ahtisaari, the UN special envoy to Kosovo; and the prime ministers of Hungary and Russia. He was short-listed for an International Broadcasters Association Award for his work on Moscow's homeless."

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Yeti 'bigfoots' into Russian politics

Russia's boxing great Nikolai Valuyev, who is fighting the state Duma elections on Putin's United Russia party, compares himself to legendary Yeti, but opposition calls it a publicity stunt.

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