Nazanine Moshiri

"Nazanine Moshiri, a roving correspondent based in Tunis, regularly reports from across Africa.

Moshiri has covered some of Al Jazeera English's biggest news stories, including the Tunisian uprising in 2011, and conflicts ranging from the DRC to Ukraine. She has also spent a substantial amount of time reporting from the Central African Republic."


Fears grow over ISIL recruitment of Tunisia women

Hundreds are thought to have fled and joined armed group, leaving behind distraught families and a worried government.


US offers support - but Tunisians need more than money

While US prioritises military ties, many in Tunisia say help creating jobs and ending corruption would be more useful.


Sahara threatening Tunisians' way of life

As desert encroaches, wells run dry, land turns into a dusty, salty wasteland and thousands of palm trees die.

War & Conflict

Tunisia museum attacker's family speaks out

Brother of one of two men behind deadly March shooting says global groups and arms barons exploiting Arab youth.

War & Conflict

Is tourism to Tunisia dead?

Country's most important industry under severe threat after deadly attack at museum in Tunis that has rocked the nation.


Will Tunisia ever be the same again?

Deadly Bardo museum attack has spread shock waves in country largely sheltered from unrest that hit Arab Spring nations.

War & Conflict

Tunisia, the middle ground

Tunis' neutral role in Libya becoming increasingly difficult as country finds stockpiles of weapons in a border town.

Middle East

Tunisia's tycoon kingmaker

A relative newcomer to politics, wealthy businessman Slim Riahi is expected to do well in Sunday's presidential poll.


Ukraine's crisis leaves no room for the old

As front lines shift Ukraine's old are left with nowhere to run to.


All in the family: The Ben Alis and Tunisia

Many Tunisians wonder why it has taken the world so long to figure out the family profited by bending business rules.


On Peter Greste: 'Steely and magnanimous'

Correspondent Nazanine Moshiri on working closely with her friend and colleague, Peter Greste, and his integrity.


Inside Bangui, a deserted city

Despite all the perils of reporting from this war-torn Central African country, it is a place that gets under the skin.