Naureen Khan


US 'Conflict Kitchen' serves up Middle East debate

Controversial Pittsburgh eatery offers hummus and maftoul, with a side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Plugging up the Keystone XL pipeline

Bill for the controversial tar sands pipeline fails to advance at Senate vote, saving Obama from using a veto.


Eric Holder leaves controversial legacy

The outspoken champion for civil rights was also lambasted on security issues and demonised by House Republicans.


US 'strong-armed' Yahoo to turn over user data

Unsealed court documents reveal government threatened to sue Yahoo for $250,000 a day until data it received data.


Ferguson is a spotlight for police militarisation

Given the green light to stockpile military equipment, police forces across US adopt war mentality.


US nuns battle immigrant deportations

Not even US Immigration and Customs Enforcement can stop two Chicago-area nuns bent on bringing humanity to system.


Hardship and need in US' Appalachian mountains

Generational poverty has a stranglehold on Kentucky state amid dramatic cuts to social programmes.


Kevin McCarthy elected new House majority leader

California Republican's ascension marks continuity, not break, with current House leadership.


US voters vulnerable to discrimination: critics

Legislation to bolster the gutted Voting Rights Act is in limbo, leaving American voters exposed.


Force-feeding to continue for Guantanamo detainee

Federal judge says US can force-feed Syrian detainee to prevent him from dying.


Global tobacco firms targeting minors?

Anti-smoking advocates demand Philip Morris International halt campaign that they say will ensnare young smokers.


Obama sends $3.9tn budget to Congress

Focus on greater spending on infrastructure, education and other large-scale projects and addressing income inequality.