Nasser Al-Sakkaf

Human Rights

Yemen's children struggle to study amid war

The conflict has shuttered most of the city's schools, forcing many to study in cramped, private houses.

Middle East

Yemen war: 'My children are starving to death'

As malnutrition spreads in sparsely populated areas of al-Tohaita, international aid has grown scarce, residents say.

Middle East

What it's like to be a cancer patient in Yemen today

One year after the war on Yemen started, patient deaths rise due to lack of medical treatment and supplies.

Middle East

Yemen's displaced in dire need of food

Aid groups operating near besieged city of Taiz are not providing displaced people with what they say they need most.


Newborns dying amid siege of Yemeni city

Camel caravans are being used to smuggle medical necessities, including oxygen cylinders, into besieged Taiz.

Middle East

Economic hardship forces Yemen's children to join war

Dire economic conditions compel many children in Taiz to join the civil war.

War & Conflict

Injured Yemenis: Unable to leave, unable to stay

Hospitals in Taiz lack the capacity to treat injured people, but Houthis prevent residents from seeking help elsewhere.

Humanitarian crises

In Yemen's besieged city of Taiz, peace is the priority

Many residents of the city are in dire need of basic goods, but what they most want is an end to the fighting.

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Yemen's widows 'weakest victims of the war'

Many widows struggle to eke out a living for themselves and their children, with little help from charities.

Humanitarian crises

Displaced Yemenis seek refuge in Taiz schools

School's out for many students near Taiz, after thousands of displaced people moved into classrooms to escape war.

Humanitarian crises

The psychological cost of Yemen's war

While facing shortages in food and water needs, many in Yemen also suffer from the mental trauma of war.

Humanitarian crises

Yemenis in Taiz struggle to meet basic needs

Aid organisations face significant hurdles in importing and distributing food and emergency medical supplies.