Nanjala Nyabola

Humanitarian crises

Fear and loathing on Ebola's front-line

Is the global fight against Ebola impeded by traditional beliefs and mysticism in West Africa?


Ebola outbreak: We need information, not panic

Spreading panic will not help efforts to curb the Ebola outbreak in Africa.


The politics of identity and belonging in Kenya

ID cards remind refugees and locals alike that they will never be Kenyan enough.


Chasing ghosts in the Central African Republic

What on the surface looks like sectarian violence in CAR is a much more complex and far reaching conflict.


Why do Western media get Africa wrong?

There are fundamental differences in how Western and African media cover African events.

US & Canada

Making sense of the chaos in Kenya

The attack in Nairobi isn't necessarily a proxy war against Western interests, writes scholar.

Burkina Faso

Commemorating African independence

Many of the architects of African independence never got a chance to see the fruits of their labour.


Kenya tweets back: #SomeonetellCNN

International media continues to underestimate the extent to which technology has been adopted by the Kenyan society.

US & Canada

International law isn't 'real'

Although there is a pseudo-consensus on what the law 'is', it is in fact simply a consensus among elites.


Vote RON this coming November

The upcoming US election is an excellent case for putting 'Re-Open Nominations' on the ballot in any modern democracy.

US & Canada

Why do the Olympics matter?

Throughout history, and today, sport has brought bitter national rivals together while providing hope in tough times.

Central African Republic

Poor women have free will, too

Appeals for birth control use in poorer nations is a question for the women, not the Catholic Church.