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Jeju Island: China punishes South Korea tourism over North feud

Visitors to Jeju Island dry up as China retaliates by targeting economy over feud following North Korea's latest nuclear tests.


China's Hangzhou prepares to host G20 summit

Chinese authorities have given the little city of Hangzhou a complete make-over as the country prepares to host the G20 summit for the first time ever.


Japan: Returning home after Fukushima nuclear disaster

Minamisoma returnees keen to rebuild lives after lifting of evacuation order for first time since 2011 nuclear disaster.

Science & Technology

Japan: Line Corp mobile messaging firm launches IPO

Japan-based mobile message app firm aims to raise $1.3bn by listing on New York and Tokyo stock exchanges.


Japan election: A referendum on 'Abenomics'?

The forthcoming elections to the Upper House are getting more attention than usual.


Thousands to call for US troops' exit from Okinawa

Amid growing anger, tens of thousands of anti-US base protesters are expected to stage their largest rally in 20 years.

South Korea

The South Korean marines on the North's doorstep

"Ghost-catching marines" stationed a mere 1km away from forces of arch-rival North Korea are the first line of defence.

North Korea

China's strategic play with nuclear North Korea

North's missile failures and high-level diplomatic visit to Beijing highlight an evolving relationship between allies.


Obama's Hiroshima visit: China and South Korea wary

Japan's neighbours concerned that US president's trip will allow nationalists to whitewash wartime atrocities.

South Korea

Retired Korean spreads joy with funeral photographs

Retiree takes portraits of lonely old people for their funerals, documenting the final phase of their lives.


The strange case of North Korean defector Kim Ryen-hei

North Korean defector says she came to the South to earn money for medical treatment, but now can't return home.

Human Rights

South Korea plans a "K-Police Wave"

After K-pop, could Korean policing be the country's next export?