Mujib Mashal


The price of dying for Afghanistan

Families forced to search for fallen kin as Afghan army fails to fulfil its promise to return dead soldiers' bodies.

US & Canada

Afghan forces make tenuous gains in Helmand

Taliban attacks have decreased in dangerous region, but some wonder if gains can be cemented without western support.


Afghans await road built at snail's pace

Instead of aid, villagers in remote northern province seek speedy completion of a road to end their isolation.

US & Canada

The myth of Mullah Omar

Decade of war and a $10m bounty have only deepened the legend of the Taliban's secretive, one-eyed spiritual leader.

Poverty & Development

Kandahar schools brave harsh realities

Despite a reinvigorated desire for learning in southern Afghanistan, the region's education statistics remain damning.


Captured suspect reveals Kabul attack details

Suspect in Sunday's co-ordinated Taliban attacks says he was member of 200-strong suicide squad trained in Pakistan.


Former Taliban leader flees for safety

Abdul Salam Zaeef, ex-Taliban ambassador to Pakistan, takes shelter in UAE after US troops attempted to raid his home.

US & Canada

Commander's words shed light on Taliban views

Group's eastern leader candidly discusses Afghan forces, morality police, and how they might act if returned to power.


Karzai's team clash over relations with US

In presence of western officials, Afghan president's chief of staff and senior diplomat accused each other of spying.

US & Canada

'Mr President, I want an answer'

Families of victims of a US soldier's shooting spree in Kandahar berate Afghan President Karzai at emotional meeting.

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Mass murder in Kandahar

US soldier who killed civilians during shooting spree faced no resistance because residents are now used to night raids.

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Q&A : The poet of Kandahar

Abdul Bari Jahani, the voice of southern Afghanistan, a historic region now engulfed in violence, speaks to Al Jazeera.