Molly McCluskey

US & Canada

US naturalisation in the shadow of the Holocaust

Thirty-seven new Americans took the oath of citizenship at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum on World Refugee Day.


Northern Ireland: Old conflict, new tools

In Northern Ireland's polarised environment, social media is being used to inflame tensions – and to help defuse them.

Poverty & Development

Refugees given a chance to grow their future in US

The New Roots agricultural programme provides resettled refugees land, education, and support for a future in farming.

War & Conflict

Estonia redefines national security in a digital age

Estonia's ambitious plan to protect the digital identity of its citizens and rewrite international cyber-security law.


European MPs call for Guantanamo reforms

European Parliament delegation visits prison, urges more humane treatment and speedy transfer of cleared detainees.

Business & Economy

Switzerland bucks EU youth unemployment trend

Country's youth apprenticeship programme is credited with one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe.


'The Troubles' belie Northern Ireland success

Northern Ireland wounds from centuries of Catholic-Protestant violence continue to fester and overshadow its successes.

Business & Economy

After recession, Greece begins a slow ascent

Greece's economy has steadily improved as a result of increased tourism, but critics say that isn't enough.


Europe: Weaning itself off Russian energy

Russia's invasion of Crimea has accelerated European efforts to cultivate new sources of energy.


DR Congo faces food insecurity despite aid

In war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo, aid is not turning into food security - leaving populations close to famine.


Obama wades into Palestine-Israel talks

President set to sell 'US framework' to Palestinian Authority's Mahmoud Abbas in Washington DC.


Report casts light on US drone programme

Human Rights Watch criticises the US drone programme as President Obama emphasises a more cautious approach.