Mohammed Yusuf


Kenya's lead poisoning victims narrate ordeal

Lives are at risk in the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa after thousands were exposed to lead.

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Kenyan police dogged by extortion charges

Somali refugees arrested in counter-terror crackdown forced to bribe police despite having proper identification papers.

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Westgate Mall crackdown brings fear and anger

Controversial police crackdown on 'terrorist' suspects has many concerned on Kenya's coast.


Kenyan officials warned of 'Westgate' attack

Leaked intelligence file indicates top leaders knew of 'increasing threat of terrorism’ days before mall assault.


Treating Kenya's emotionally scarred

Counselors say hundreds of Westgate mall siege victims have sought treatment after their ordeal.

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Somalis in Kenya fear revenge attacks

Three days after the Nairobi mall siege began, Somalis in the capital say they fear retaliation.