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EU crackdown takes toll on Niger smuggling hub

Many people trying to get to Europe from sub-Saharan Africa pass through Agadez, in central Niger. But the numbers trying that journey are now falling, due to an EU-funded government crackdown.


France's Macron visits Mali to boost new regional security force

The leaders of five countries in north Africa are meeting French President Emmanuel Macron in Mali to discuss the deployment of a new African force to fight 'terrorism' in the Sahel region.

Middle East

Turkey backs Qatar in dispute as Trump claims to support solution

The sea, land and air blockades imposed by several Arab countries on Qatar has precluded food shipments and led to the cancellation of flights.


South Africans demand better protection for females after murder wave

South Africans are demanding better protection for women and girls after a recent spate of brutal murders - mostly committed by male spouses or partners.


South Africa: Industrial pollution blamed for rise in diseases

South Africans in the city of Durban are accusing oil and chemical factories near their homes of being behind frequent cases of cancer, asthma and other illnesses.


South Africa: Health system's failures hit cancer patients

Doctors in the South African city of Durban say the health system is failing patients because of corruption and state negligence.


Protests as South Africa hosts World Economic Forum

The global business elite has congregated in the South African city of Durban for the World Economic Forum. This year's meeting focuses on "inclusive growth" for the continent, but protesters fear the poor are being left behind.


Niger's Tuareg community seeks stability

Niger's Tuareg community held a festival on Tuesday to honour 22 years of peace with the government. But tribal leaders meeting in the northwestern region of Tahoua warn that poverty and armed groups have to be tackled to guarantee stability.


Kashmir: Violent protests after Indian security forces kill three

Tensions are running high in Indian-administered Kashmir after three civilians were killed by security forces. India's interior minister has accused Pakistani groups of inciting youth in to throw stones at security forces during their operations.


‘It’s getting worse’: Fears raised over malnutrition in Nigeria

Medical workers in northeastern Nigeria are treating large numbers of children affected by malnutrition. The UN World Food Programme says an estimated 4.5 million people in the region are now in need of emergency food aid.

Middle East

Mauritania leader calls for referendum to change constitution

Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, the president of Mauritania, is calling for a referendum over proposed constitutional amendments. If voted in, the controversial changes will abolish the Senate and change the country's flag.


Roadside bombs kill 10 Egyptian soldiers in Sinai

At least 10 Egyptian soldiers were killed as fighting in the Sinai Peninsula intensified, an army spokesman said. The troops’ vehicles were hit by explosions during a raid on an armed group affiliated with ISIL.