Mohammed Jamjoom

Mohammed Jamjoom is a correspondent for Al Jazeera English.

Middle East

Syria chemical attack survivors vow to fight for justice

A father whose twins were killed last week in Khan Sheikhoun attack in Idlib province speaks to Al Jazeera.

Middle East

Libya conflict: Reports of abuses by LNA forces in Benghazi

Libya's UN-backed government in Tripoli says it has evidence rebel forces are carrying out abuses in Benghazi.

Middle East

Egypt: Ex-President Hosni Mubarak to be freed

Lawyers for former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak say he will be released from a military hospital in the next two days. Mubarak was detained in 2011 after being overthrown in a revolution.

Middle East

Syria’s war: Latest Geneva talks end with a new agenda

Geneva, Switzerland - Eight days of talks in Geneva to end the six-year conflict in Syria have ended, with both sides agreeing to reconvene later in the month.

US Elections 2016

Arab-American comedy: Making America laugh again

After struggling to find a venue for its first performance in 2003, group now headlines New York's top comedy clubs.

War & Conflict

A foreign correspondent's stories from Iraq

In the first of a weekly podcast series, Mohammed Jamjoom shares his experiences from Iraq.


Syrian refugee children transform Iraqi prison with art

Children get to put aside the stark realities of refugee life and dive into a world of colour as a form of therapy.

Middle East

Harsh winter wreaks havoc in Iraq refugee camps

Tents in camps are collapsing under the weight of rain and some children have only slippers to wear in freezing cold.

War & Conflict

Iraq's Yazidis: Horrors of the past refuse to go away

For more than 12,000 displaced Yazidis, camp life is a constant struggle with little hope of going back home soon.


How online activism propelled Tunisia's revolution

Activists say social media sites empowered youth to express their opinion without fear at onset of Arab Spring.

Humanitarian crises

Syrian refugees in Greece despair of peace

As world leaders meet in Vienna to discuss the crisis, some Syrian refugees say conferences have achieved little.


Clowns give refugees a chance to smile in Greece

Children dance and cheer as Clowns Without Borders sets up shows in makeshift camps across Lesbos island.