Mohammed Jamjoom

Mohammed Jamjoom is a correspondent for Al Jazeera English.


Alitalia strike grounds 200 flights

It hasn't been a good day to fly from Italy. A strike at the airline Alitalia means 200 flights have been cancelled.


Mediterranean refugee crisis looms over the G7 summit

Human rights activists are hoping to use the G7 summit to highlight the Mediterranean refugee crisis. Refugees rescued from the perilous sea crossing are taken to a port near to where the G7 leaders are gathering.


Italian anti-Trump protesters rally ahead of president's trip

Protesters have taken to the streets of Rome to voice their opposition to US President Trump's visit to the country.

Middle East

Syria’s war: Geneva talks end with little progress

Talks in Geneva to find a solution to the six-year war in Syria have ended with little sign of progress. The negotiations have been overshadowed by a US air strike that targeted pro-government forces, killing at least eight people.

Middle East

Mosul: Uncertain future awaits children born under ISIL rule

Children are among the worst affected by the war in Iraq. Many born under ISIL rule do not have birth certificates recognised by the Iraqi government. Al Jazeera's Mohammed Jamjoom reports from Khazir camp near Erbil.

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Iraqi camps struggle to aid Mosul's displaced

Aid agencies say they do not have resources to care for people escaping fighting in the Iraqi city of Mosul. Camps for the displaced no longer have enough space to accommodate new arrivals.

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Syria chemical attack survivors vow to fight for justice

A father whose twins were killed last week in Khan Sheikhoun attack in Idlib province speaks to Al Jazeera.

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Libya conflict: Reports of abuses by LNA forces in Benghazi

Libya's UN-backed government in Tripoli says it has evidence rebel forces are carrying out abuses in Benghazi.

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Egypt: Ex-President Hosni Mubarak to be freed

Lawyers for former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak say he will be released from a military hospital in the next two days. Mubarak was detained in 2011 after being overthrown in a revolution.

Middle East

Syria’s war: Latest Geneva talks end with a new agenda

Geneva, Switzerland - Eight days of talks in Geneva to end the six-year conflict in Syria have ended, with both sides agreeing to reconvene later in the month.

US Elections 2016

Arab-American comedy: Making America laugh again

After struggling to find a venue for its first performance in 2003, group now headlines New York's top comedy clubs.

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A foreign correspondent's stories from Iraq

In the first of a weekly podcast series, Mohammed Jamjoom shares his experiences from Iraq.