Mohammad Ali Najib

Tehran-based freelance photographer.

Iran 2017 Elections

Iranians head to the polls for presidential vote

President Hassan Rouhani, a moderate, is facing off against conservative frontrunner Ebrahim Raisi.


Runners flock to Tehran's first marathon

The race route, packed with hundreds of marathoners, wove its way past iconic Iranian landmarks.


Persepolis: Iran tourism gateway faces climate threats

Shrinking land, drought and algae growth put stress on UNESCO site as tourist arrivals grow after lifting of sanctions.


Iran's election campaigns


Skiing at Iran's 'gateway of the mountain'

Amid the lifting of sanctions on Tehran, Darbandsar Ski Resort is hoping to draw in new tourists.

Arts & Culture

The resurgence of the Persian carpet trade

The centuries-old industry stands to benefit from the lifting of sanctions following the Iran nuclear deal.

Ashura 2016

Torches light up Tehran on eve of Ashoura

Prayers, poetry and music are part of rituals marking Mashal Gardan, a Shia Muslim event in Iran.


Iranians take to Tehran streets to hail nuclear deal

Iranians poured onto the streets of capital Tehran after the Ramadan fast ended at sundown on Tuesday.