Mohamed Vall


Meet the Eritrean refugee turned rescue volunteer

After seeking asylum in the UK from Eritrea 15 years ago, Amani Teklahaimanot now helps refugees on their way to Europe.


Torkham restrictions stir Pakistan-Afghanistan tension

Afghans frustrated by Torkham restrictions, which will force tens of thousands to buy expensive visas to continue trip.


Mali attack explainer: Who, why and what's next?

Al Jazeera's Mohamed Vall responds to frequently asked questions on the Bamako hotel attack that left 21 people dead.

War & Conflict

Mali rebels doubtful over new peace deal

Despite treaty, Tuareg and Arab rebels say that while they are denied territorial separation, the war will continue.

War & Conflict

BLOG: No winners in Yemen's war of wills

Three weeks into Saudi-led military campaign against Houthis, no side wants to continue fighting.

Middle East

The rise of Yemen's Houthis

Shia rebels who fought several wars against the government have made significant gains since President Saleh ceded power


Carnival, business and politics in Mauritania

Elections in the West African country are far too much fun to let politics get in the way.


Deep frustration among Mali's Azawad rebels

Azawad's rebels feel compelled to fight for independence and right the historical wrong of French colonialism.

In Pictures

In pictures: Mali's Azawad rebels

The Tuareg and Arab rebels, fighting for an independent state, are currently in negotiations with Mali's government.


Anger in refugee camp ahead of Mali vote

Refugees on Mauritanian border with Mali are angry as they have yet to get IDs ahead of crucial elections.


Mistrust scars motivation in Mali vote

Winning hearts and minds of northern Tuareg and Arab population would be a big challenge for the next government.


Prisoners of Mali war in legal limbo

Tuareg group clueless about what to do with suspected Ansar al-Dine fighters they are holding in a makeshift prison.