Minelle Fernandez

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka hit by worst drought in decades

Dry spell affects more than a million people, with authorities warning of more water shortages.


UN rights chief visits Sri Lanka over war crimes probe

UN official to examine progress of country's probe into atrocities amid concerns of lack of push for accountability.


Sri Lanka's last-minute contender

A defector from the ruling party is posing a stiff challenge to the incumbent president.


'Will you give my daddy back?'

A young boy's question to our journalist covering Sri Lanka's inquiry into people who went missing during civil war.

Business & Economy

Sri Lanka unhapy at ICC proposal

Sri Lanka officials and fans are not happy with the outcome of the ICC meeting where the new proposal was voted in.


A family in pain

Rizana Nafeek's family struggle to deal with what they consider to be a grave injustice against their daughter


Sri Lanka: A tale of two chief justices

Politicians face off with judges as critics accuse the government of foul play over chief justice's impeachment.


A new battleground in Sri Lanka

Charges against Chief Justice Bandaranayake raised concerns that the government is trying to control the judiciary.