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Sri Lanka: At least 225 die of dengue fever outbreak

At least 225 people have died due to dengue fever since the start of the year and more than 72,000 have been infected. The Sri Lankan government has deployed hundreds of soldiers to help health workers overcome its spread.


Tea farmers struggle to recover from Sri Lanka floods

Tea farmers in Sri Lanka are struggling to recover from last month's floods in the south of the country, in which hundreds of tonnes of the crop were destroyed by heavy rains and mudslides.


Dozens of children among those killed in Sri Lanka’s floods

More than 40 of the 208 people killed by recent landslides and floods in Sri Lanka were children. Humanitarian concerns are growing as people struggle to deal with the effects of the worst torrential rains to hit the country in decades.


Sri Lanka struggles to deliver aid to stranded flood victims

Volunteers with boats are providing a lifeline for Sri Lankans stranded and cut off by the country's record floods.


Sri Lanka fights to stop diseases from spreading in flood crisis

The public are being asked to help clean drinking wells contaminated by the monsoon floods, as doctors work to prevent diseases such as cholera from spreading.


Sri Lanka: Many missing after floods kill 151 people

Flooding and mudslides have killed at least 151 people in Sri Lanka and 111 people remain missing, according to Rajitha Senaratne, health minister.


Sri Lanka calls for international aid as floods kill 122

Sri Lanka has called for international humanitarian assistance following floods and landslides triggered by torrential rains that have killed at least 122 people. At least 97 more are reported to be missing.

Sri Lanka

India’s Modi visits Tamil communities in Sri Lanka

On a visit to Sri Lanka, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Tamils working in tea and rubber plantations. He pledged to support a five-year plan to improve the living standards of communities in Sri Lanka's plantations.


Sri Lanka struggles to tackle waste problem

The government of Sri Lanka is struggling to deal with a growing waste problem, two weeks after a rubbish dump collapsed on neighbouring houses, killing dozens of people.


Sri Lanka authorities struggling to move rubbish dump

A mountain of rubbish that collapsed in Sri Lanka, killing more than 30 people, could be on the move again. Experts say the Colombo dump remains unstable, but authorities are struggling to find somewhere to put it.


Sri Lanka seeks more time for war crimes probe

Sri Lanka's civil war ended nearly eight years ago, but the road to reconciliation has been long.


Sri Lankans step up pressure to reclaim land

People in northeast Sri Lanka are increasing pressure on the government to return land seized by the military during the country's long-running civil war.