Mike Hanna


Al-Aqsa status quo at the heart of new violence

The agreed arrangements about access to the holy site need to be established.

East Jerusalem

Israel's right defies rabbinate over Al-Aqsa

Settler movement is challenging traditional interpretation of rabbinic law backed by ruling right-wing coalition.


Cashgate casts doubt on Banda's future

Civic groups still raise questions about Malawi president's role in massive financial theft.

New Zealand

Mandela's art of 'understanding the enemy'

A senior correspondent reflects on decades of covering the savvy political operator who became an African icon.


Why the Obama visit matters

The US offers crucial trade and health aid to South Africa and Obama’s visit could be used to strengthen them.


Mandela's health: Shooting the messenger

The media covering the illness of Nelson Mandela were unjustly attacked by the government, the family and the public.

Middle East

A tale of two anniversaries

The difference between revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt may lie in one word - "consensus."


China's Hu Jintao clings to socialist economy

As China enjoys economic growth, one has to wonder: Why does 'Socialism with Chinese characteristics' work?


There's something else amiss at Marikana

Miners and other black South Africans living in poverty feel deserted by the ANC government they helped put into power.

Middle East

Egypt: The source of power

The realities behind the constitutional amendments imposed by Egypt's Supreme Council of Armed Forces.