Michele Bertelli

International Women's Day

Why are so many women still dying in childbirth?

In the last 25 years more than 10 million women have died worldwide due to pregnancy related issues.

Arts & Culture

How indigenous wealth is changing Bolivian architecture

A rising indigenous class is putting its money where its homes are and inspiring a new style of architecture.


In Pictures: Morales celebrates poll victory

Evo Morales set for third term as president of Bolivia after garnering 59.5 percent of Sunday's vote.


Italy's strict drug law goes up in smoke

A court ruling ended harsh sanctions on marijuana users, but prospects for legalisation seem unlikely.

US & Canada

Idyllic Italian town protests US army base

US military antennas in Sicily may increase the safety of soldiers, but Italians are worried about the health effects.


Quinoa boom a mixed blessing for Bolivians

The UN has proclaimed 2013 the year of Quinoa, but price rises for the healthy grain worry some Bolivians.