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Syrian refugees in Paris fear backlash after attacks

Conservatives across Europe push to place further restrictions on refugees, following ISIL-claimed attack in France.

Syria's Civil War

Syrian anti-ISIL activists found beheaded in Turkey

Ibrahim Abdulqader and Fares Hamadi found dead inside apartment in Sanliurfa, Raqqa activists say.

Science & Technology

Facebook warns users of 'state-sponsored' hacking

New system alerts users when a government has hacked their accounts, as part of Facebook's efforts to regain user trust.

Humanitarian crises

White House turns to crowdfunding for Syrian refugees

White House-coordinated campaign on Kickstarter has raised $800k on premise that governments alone cannot do enough.


Who wins, who loses as oil prices plummet?

Analysts say downward trend will continue unless major producers, especially Gulf states, move to cut output.


Facebook offers 'dark web' option to evade spying

Users of Tor anonymity software will be able to hide location from Facebook and protect data from cyber spies.


ISIL: More than just brutality on the battlefield

Study credits ISIL's disciplined command-and-control structure for astounding military success.


Afghan opium cultivation hits record high

Farmers grew a record 209,000 hectares of poppy in 2013, raising questions about $7.6bn US counter-narcotics efforts.


Indonesia's new president vs spurned elites

Joko Widodo's victory heralded as a win for grass-roots politics, but the establishment is fighting back.


Analysis: Obama's uphill task

Scepticism abounds as US president lays out next phase of his plan to defeat Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria.


Europe braces for radicalised Syrian war vets

Experts say travel bans and other measures to track terror suspects radicalized in Syria are only part of the solution.

In Depth

Analysis: US and Iran united by ISIL fears

Swift gains made by group linked to al-Qaeda in Iraq have raised serious security concerns in Tehran and Washington.