Mersiha Gadzo


Shujayea families remain haunted by loss

Three years since the 2014 Israeli massacre, Palestinians in Shujayea are still struggling to rebuild their lives.


'I'd rather die in Gaza than bring my sons to Erez'

Walid Qaoud died of cancer after he was repeatedly denied entry to Israel for refusing to collaborate with authorities.

Middle East

Gaza under siege: Seeking solace in religion

Through siege and struggle, tens of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have found comfort in Quranic studies.


Gaza power cuts: 'This is the worst it's ever been'

Al Jazeera speaks to Palestinians in Gaza about the latest electricity crisis, as supply reduced to three hours a day.


Gaza power cuts: When fuel runs out, 'babies will die'

Gaza’s doctors fear inevitable patient deaths if fuel reserves are depleted by end of June.


Who killed Gaza's fisherman Muhammad al-Hissi?

Gaza's fishermen brave bullets and dangerous conditions in a fishing sector increasingly decimated by Israel.


Gaza's women of steel

Women in Gaza are stepping up as family breadwinners, breaking cultural norms as they strive to make ends meet.

Gaza: After the war

Rebuilding Gaza from its ashes

Palestinian inventor hopes to help rebuild Gaza using Green Cake, a new type of brick made of coal and wood ash.


Meet the man crowd-funding Gaza's first English library

Books can help to connect Palestinians in the besieged territory to the rest of the world, says Mosab Abu Toha.


Gaza's cancer patients: 'We are dying slowly'

The Gaza Strip does not have adequate resources for medical treatment, but Israel prevents patients from leaving.

Gaza: After the war

Alternative farming on the rise in besieged Gaza

As fertile land shrinks and water crisis deepens, Palestinians are searching for different ways to feed their families.


Ibrahim Delic: Bosnian accused of aiding ISIL in Syria

The 45-year-old denies the charges and says he went to Syria to deliver lectures, urging people to defend themselves.