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Indonesia's ore export ban comes into effect

Law requiring minerals to be processed domestically has some fearing job losses and worsening air pollution.


Renewed Nepali trade route draws regional ire

Sino-Nepali trade has grown 75 per cent in the past three years, worrying regional neighbours.


'Sinking' Jakarta pins hopes on rising star

New governor is promising to redress mounting civic woes of Indonesian capital built on a swamp.


Combating climate change on credit

Nations around the world have signed up for a CO2 'cap-and-trade' system, but questions abound over its effectiveness.

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In Pictures: Indonesia's nomadic sea gypsies

The Bajau are sons of the sea, but now their way of life is threatened because of overfishing.

Poverty & Development

Indonesia's last nomadic sea gypsies

Vanishing stocks from dynamite fishing and cyanide threatens centuries-old culture of Sulawesi's gypsy sea people.