Megan O'Toole

Megan O'Toole is the Deputy Middle East Editor for aljazeera.com. She reports primarily on law, politics, global conflicts and human rights, and has covered stories in more than a dozen countries, including Iraq, Kuwait, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and the Syria-Turkey border region.


Can Qatar-Gulf rift be repaired?

One month since diplomatic spat erupted, the two sides remain mired in a dispute that could forever alter the GCC.


Tourists flock to Iran's 'image of the world'

Key sites in the historic city of Isfahan have witnessed a significant rise in visitor numbers since the nuclear deal.


Iranians still waiting for dramatic economic change

Despite signs of overall improvement since the nuclear deal, some Iranian business owners say they have yet to benefit.


Meet the Iranian tycoon smashing gender stereotypes

Businesswoman, city councillor and social activist Fatemeh Daneshvar tells Al Jazeera that she fears 'nothing but God'.


Inside Tehran's monument to US 'arrogance'

The US embassy in Iran has been reopened as a museum chronicling the bitter history of bilateral relations.


What matters most to Iranians in presidential vote?

As campaigning gets under way, Al Jazeera speaks with six Iranian voters about their views on the upcoming election.

Syria's Civil War

The 'slow-motion slaughter' of Syrian civilians

Government policies have prevented aid delivery to millions of people in besieged or hard-to-reach areas, report finds.


Report warns Trump against scrapping Iran nuclear deal

Ending the agreement would lead to 'unfathomable consequences' throughout the region, International Crisis Group says.


Broken homes: A record year of Israeli demolitions

For a full year, Al Jazeera documented the impact of Israel's home demolitions on Palestinians in East Jerusalem.

Fidel Castro

Cuba after Castro: Staying the financial course

While Cuba's economy has gradually opened up in recent years, Fidel Castro's death is unlikely to prompt larger reforms.

Battle for Mosul

How will Mosul rise from the ashes of battle?

Once ISIL is pushed out, the city will face the massive challenges of social, cultural and economic reconstruction.

US Elections 2016

The Middle East that Obama left behind

New US president inherits legacy of "perpetual warfare" in the region.