Max Siegelbaum


Egypt's wave of painkiller addiction

An opiate called tramadol has become increasingly popular in Egypt, but many are unaware of its dangers.


No easy answers to Syria crisis, say refugees

Some Syrians welcome US strikes against Assad's military, others fear the loss of innocent lives.


Polarised media fuels conflict in Egypt

Unfounded reports of "Sexual Jihad", drones and poor hygiene contribute to a political climate of demonisation.


Black Egyptians decry daily racism

Non-Arab Africans say they are routine victims of discrimination by officials and on the street.


Egypt's Port Said swept by lawlessness

Once thriving Suez Canal city is a pale shadow of itself as rising crime forces people and businesses off the streets.


Egypt's unions struggle after the revolution

Workers in the country's public and private sectors bear the weight of a flagging economy and a new constitution.