Mariya Petkova

Mariya Petkova is a Bulgarian journalist covering the Middle East, the Balkans and Eastern Europe.


MAPPED: The battle against ISIL

In the past year and a half, ISIL's territory has been shrinking steadily.

Middle East

Syria's 'moderate rebels' to form a new alliance

US funding for rebel groups in northern Syria has been partially restored, opposition sources tell Al Jazeera.

Syria's Civil War

The battle for Raqqa explained

Unless there is an effective transition of power and a legitimate government in place, ISIL will continue to exist.


Displacement and insecurity in Diyarbakir

A year after major security operation against the PKK, the Sur district of Turkey's Diyarbakir is struggling to recover.

Middle East

Talking love and revolution in war-torn Syria

A Syrian couple reminisces about the Syrian revolution that brought them together.

Syria's Civil War

Astana talks marred by Syrian armed opposition boycott

Days after a high-level meeting between Russia and Turkey, Syria’s armed opposition refuse to attend new round of talks.


Exile in Diyarbakir

In search of the Bulgarian connection in Turkey’s Kurdish-majority city of Diyarbakir.

Syria's Civil War

Battle for Raqqa: 'Difficult and complicated'

Al Jazeera speaks with Ahrar Al Sham's spokesperson about rebel infighting, the negotiations and Syria's future.

Turkey-Syria border

Syria's war: ISIL's explosive legacy

Displaced Syrians returning home face the grave threat of IEDs left behind by fleeing ISIL fighters.

Syria's Civil War

Syria's FSA vows to attack government forces in Al Bab

Syrian army's advances in Al Bab city may delay the battle for Raqqa, analysts say.

Syria's Civil War

Syrians to opposition: 'No concessions over our blood'

As bombing of civilian areas continues, Syrians are pessimistic over the outcome of the Geneva talks.

Middle East

Al Bab: 'When the tide is turning, ISIL go apocalyptic'

Ankara's plans to push further east and south of Al Bab might face serious diplomatic challenges, say analysts.