Marisa Taylor


Obama launches bid against sexual assault

'It's On Us' campaign urges young men to speak up and stop assaults on fellow students before they happen.


Apple Pay aims to revolutionise mobile payments

Apple's new payment system uses radio wave technology that it says is easier, more secure than swiping a credit card.


Scientists 'reverse' emotions linked to memories

In US study, MIT scientists changed the emotions linked to specific memories in mice.


US issues new rules on pregnancy discrimination

US rights commission clarifies how pregnant workers must be treated in response to continuing rights violations.


HIV detected in 'cured' baby

Scientists' hopes get dashed as early treatment with HIV drugs does not reverse the virus.


Are US colleges ignoring sexual assaults?

Survey of more than 300 colleges shows 40 percent do; highlights lack of training for administrators, law enforcement.


US Supreme Court overlooking science on pregnancy?

Experts say verdict on how emergency contraceptives work is contrary to 'scientific standards'.

Business & Economy

Fast-food workers strike in 60 US cities

Thousands walk off their jobs, demanding salaries of $15 an hour and the ability to form unions.