Mansur Mirovalev


Russia: A resurgent superpower?

A century after Bolshevik revolution, Russia is seen as champion for belligerent nationalism across the globe.


Russia bombing triggers crackdown on Central Asians

Nationwide clampdown on nationals from Central Asia after subway suicide bombing that killed 15 in St Petersburg.


Death throes of Russia's iconic countryside

Rapid urbanisation and industrial farming has led to a catastrophic situation in Russia's poverty-stricken hinterlands.

Donald Trump

Russia's booming 'Trumpomania'

No other US president has been seen so positively in a country that long challenged Washington's post-WWII supremacy.


Dam leaves Crimea population in chronic water shortage

The North Crimean Canal, once provided 85 percent of Crimea's drinking and irrigation water.

War & Conflict

Alexandrov Russian Army Song and Dance Ensemble loss

The Alexandrov Russian Army Song and Dance Ensemble lost 64 members, all but three of its choir singers, in the crash.


Analysis: New US state chief a perfect fit for Russia

Friendship between Putin and Rex Tillerson dates back to 1990s when the Texas oilman established a US energy presence.


Russia's Communist Party turns to the Orthodox Church

After decades of militant atheism, Russian Communists turn to religious establishment to gain supporters.


Will new Uzbek president alter the dictatorial course?

New leader Shavkat Mirziyoyev has Uzbekistan's people wondering if the hard-line rule under Islam Karimov will change.


Uzbekistan: Uncertainty after president's stroke

President Islam Karimov not seen in public since last week. Speculation of his death and possible successors abound.


Is the Kremlin fuelling Russia's HIV/Aids epidemic?

Activists point to the Kremlin's abandonment of internationally accepted prevention methods for the mounting crisis.


Russia revs up the business of space

Moscow counts down launch of private space sector in the shadows of prolific accomplishments of its Soviet past.